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The FinanTec Group has been a source of consulting services, mainly to small, rapidly growing companies, since 1998. By earning a reputation for reliability among our clients, we expanded steadily as clients and business partners recommended us to their own customers and partners. We are very proud of our ability to grow in this manner.

Thus far, we have served more than 200 companies, making us one of Japan’s leading IR consulting firms. One reason for this achievement is our skill in helping companies form an IR strategy that matches their long-term visions. In addition, we are the only company in Japan with marketing capabilities that can accurately target all types of investors, from institutions to individuals. Today, we serve companies that cover a broad spectrum of growth stages. Some are small and still privately owned. Others are small, fast-growing listed companies and even more mature companies on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This client base demonstrates the unusual breadth of our consulting activities.

Conventional face-to-face marketing is one field of expertise. In addition, we were a pioneer in the use of the Internet to gain access to a much more diverse array of investor segments. Our IR Street portal site supplies a variety of IR information. Our Tokyo IPO site is a popular source of IPO information. More than 600,000 investors in Japan and other countries use these two sites.

With this infrastructure, we can assist clients with conventional consulting that uses IR professionals as well as virtual marketing that uses the Internet to reach investors in Japan and overseas. We look forward to using these same strengths to assist more client companies to determine the best possible IR strategies for their respective needs.

■ The FinanTec Group Investor Network (September 2007)

・ Investor and media databases : About 3,500

・ IR Street e-mail registrations : About 18,000 in Japanese / About 650 English

・ Tokyo IPO e-magazine members : About 70,000

・ Tokyo IPO unique users : About 200,000

■ Industries of client companies

・Internet services
・Consumer goods
・Communications equipment
・Data communications
・Catalog sales
・Precision instruments

・Real estate development
・Recruiting and staffing services
・Nursing services
・Wedding services

・Food products
・Amusement services
・High-volume retailers
・Education services
・Asset management
・Outsourcing services